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Patanemo 70%

CAD$ 10.00

Origin: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

Tastes like: Brownie, Butter, Hazelnut & Blackberry

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The Bay of Patanemo was formed by a flooded valley, between the tip of Yapascua, east and west Punta Rock. Its eastern and western coast, rocky and steep, south presenting a wide sandy beach about 800 meters. To the south of this bay is where this cacao comes from.

This area was settled by the Spanish in 1551. Christianity was established by the mid-seventeenth century. The development of cocoa plantations was closely linked to the censuses and works of the church.

Today, Patanemo is a profit sharing cacao co-op.

Sourced from: Delicacies Valley

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar & Cocoa Butter


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