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The toques even fit little kids. Easy to roll, really warm and not itchy.

Mother & Spicy Chocolate Lover

I didn't think I liked dark chocolate then I tried the salt bar. Joining the monthly subscription completely turned me into to a dark chocolate lover!

Chocolate Subscription Member

I just love getting the personal notes with the subscription, and the chocolate is obviously delish!

Chocolate Subscription Member

The chocolate is fantastic!

Chocolate Subscription Member

I LOVED the last shipment with the peanut butter bar and the salt one. YUM, amazing!!

Chocolate Subscription Member

I had no idea the depth and complexty of flavour that can come from nothing but the cacao beans and cane sugar. This is a truly artisinal product. Absolutely delicious!

Satisfied Customer

If my shoes werent securely fasted, my socks would be knocked right off!

Market Go'er
Chocolate: PISA 85%

What a great experience ordering and eating the chocolates. The fact these bars have only 2 ingredients made my day. A true treat for anyone health conscience.


I give McGuire Chocolate as gifts to friends and loved ones with rave reviews each and everytime