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About Us

McGuire Chocolate is a Calgary, Alberta based bean-to-bar chocolate maker.  Our focus is on preparing a simple and high quality product from the inside out.


We have been making chocolate for three years.  Our journey began when we discovered how different flavour profiles from origin cacao was shaped by fermentation, roasting and conching.  More recently we have been expanding our tool set by exploring methods of preparation unique to chocolate makers.


Wherever our evolution takes us you can always count on chocolate being made with the highest integrity.

Single origin chocolate made with only two ingredients is our primary focus. Our chocolate is made with fermented cacao grown by small farmers/profit sharing co-ops and organic cane sugar.


The Hank Series is based on the many characters of our cat. These bars are  made up of fermented cacao, organic cane sugar and the highest sourced inclusion ingredients we can find. You won’t find any cocoa butter in our dark chocolate bars because we want the flavours of each bar to be as bold as possible.


Our packaging is locally made with paper from sustainably managed Canadian forests.

Mark + Victoria = A couple of kids with a cat and a dream.  Right now, we’re part-time in the factory but the goal is to grow into a full family business with some playmates for our CEO, Hank the Cat.

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